Conductive Hearing Loss

This type of hearing loss occurs when there is an obstruction in the middle, or the outer ear, the severity of the loss depends on the cause of the obstacle. What happens is that the obstruction prevents sound vibration from reaching the inner ear and hence reduced hearing or no hearing at all.


a) Wax impaction
b) Narrowing of the ear canal
c) Otitis externa commonly referred to as the swimmer’s ear
d) Injury of the tympanic membrane
e) Thickening of tympanic membrane or tympanosclerosis
f) Otosclerosis or freezing of ear bones
g) Blockage of eustachian tube


a) Easier hearing using one ear as compared to the next
b) Foul odor coming from the ear canal
c) Feeling one’s voice sounding louder
d) Pain in the ear/s
e) Feeling a sense of pressure in one or both ears.


A medical or a surgical operation can be carried out in order to remove the blockages preventing sound from getting to the inner ear, in case it is an infection issue the doctor can prescribe appropriate antibiotics in order to eliminate the infection.